Not enough sweet, chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut flavors? Are you demanding and want to be able to choose from the fruit flavors of our spa wafers in Podebrady ? Or do you need to choose a gift for someone who can't afford fruit? So you will definitely like our fruit spa wafers Podebrady .

Apple and cinnamon-flavored Spa wafers Apple with cinnamonwafers are reminiscent of sitting with Grandma in the garden, who baked an apple pie and served it with tea.

Spa wafers OrangeOr orange , crispy wafer with the taste of freshly squeezed oranges. The combination of sweet and fruity taste will leave an unforgettable experience.

Raspberries in chocolate Spa wafers Raspberries in chocolateare a delicacy. The chocolate taste combined with the raspberry extract will take you to the clouds for a while and you will experience the inner pleasure that you will want to repeat.

Pineapple spa wafersPineapples bring an exotic experience and the feeling that you are on vacation somewhere by the sea. Around you the sea, sandy beaches, vacation time.


Banana spa wafersBananas resemble a banana smoothie with vanilla and milk, are delicate, balanced in taste and can irritate the senses.







Lemon Spa Wafers

Cranberry spa wafers

Spa wafers Cherries

Pear Spa Wafers

 they are a mix of wonderful flavors, those who like the delicate sweet and sour taste of fruit or pear juice will find interest in our wafers.

Strawberry spa wafersStrawberries taste like the strawberries you just picked from the garden. We also have strawberry spa wafers for diabetics.

Coconut spa wafersCoconuts take you between coconut palms, to the sound of music, they are full of energy.

Spa wafers Plum with cinnamonPlums evoke the experience you have when you eat plum compote or plum pie.

Another delicacy is the spa wafers of the triangle Cherries in chocolate . Dark wafer with dark cream and cherry flavor in chocolate. A mix of wonderful flavors that will melt on your tongue.Spa triangles Cherries in chocolate

Spa wafers CherriesOur wafers are a guarantee of quality and freshness.


We bake in the evening, we leave in the morning. Choose from many types of flavors. Just choose.