Records of honey go deep into history, even then he helped people heal their wounds and was also used in various sacred rituals. Honey was taken as a sacred liquid, as something that is a gift from the gods.

Even today, we know that honey is an amazing healer and has a very good effect on our health. Not only does it not hurt our throats because of it, but it acts as a strong natural antibiotic for various inflammations, to strengthen immunity, it is healing and sleeps well after it.

It has a good effect on the intestinal microflora and also affects high pressure. There are several types of honey, they are light floral, dark forest and mixed. The bee flies nicely, even hundreds of kilometers a day, from flower to flower.

Therefore, honey is very rare . Combined with herbs, it is a bulletproof combination of the power of nature, quality and unforgettable taste.

Our products with honey, herbs:

  • Erben's / Miletín's prayer

    books Honey gingerbread mystic with filling. It looks like a prayer book. It does not contain any preservatives or other chemicals. The author of this confectionery was the gingerbread maker Josef Erben. The inspiration was pocket prayer books that believers carried with them. These sweet treats quickly gained in popularity, as evidenced by the fact that they were awarded a number of awards.



  • "Liázeňský Švihák" honey liqueur

    is an original alcoholic beverage. It is made according to an original recipe and is created by long-term maturation of honey wine, which is flavored with herbal extracts and fruit extracts. The original delicate taste of the liqueur is added mainly by Brazilian orange essential oil. The drink is completely natural and does not contain chemicals or preservatives. It is also suitable for preparing mixed cocktails, drinks chilled. It is a fine mead with fruity honey wine.

With our products and their production, we support Czech growers, breeders, primary producers and save the environment. Our products are a guarantee of freshness, quality and unforgettable taste.