Sweets that don't get fat.

Sweets that don't get fat.

Do you know the natural sweetener, stevia? It is more sweet than sugar, and you won't even get a blanket after it. Products with the addition of stevia are included in the group of healthy snacks or light products.

It has honey leaves, does not cause any health complications and has a good effect on metabolism and digestion. It is now used all over the world, although at the beginning of its discovery it was banned in some countries and specialists first needed to investigate its effects.

Today it is used as a natural sweetener in confectionery , beverages, liqueurs , wafers , tubes , sweet foods, chewing gum. It's not hard to grow it at home. Another interesting fact is that stevia is antibacterial, so it protects the teeth and oral cavity. 


It is also suitable for diabetics.

Light tubes that you won't gain on and at the same time don't break your sugar level, who wouldn't want them, right?

Today is moving forward and we are looking for a healthy lifestyle and healthy snacks .

Do you have a diabetic in your family or someone who has to follow a gluten-free diet ?

Give a gift to DIA wafers or gluten-free wafers  that you don't just have to look at. Give him a taste experience full of wonderful combinations, where he can smell stevia and cocoa, or stevia with nuts. It's beautiful how a forest plant with white flowers can make you happy and sweeten people's lives at the same time, even if sugar isn't allowed.

We bake our products at night and send them fresh to your home the next day. Treat yourself or your loved ones to a luxurious experience in the form of our wafers, tubes, triangles, liqueurs or other delicacies.

The selection is large, we can satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding clients. Our brand = guarantee of quality and guarantee of excellent taste.

It could be said that sweetening with stevia is beneficial for health, because it also helps in the process of healing any wounds and skin problems.



Hořice cocoa tubes with Stevia



Vanilla, sugar, cinnamon the most popular combinations


Vanilla, sugar, cinnamon the most popular combination for spa triangles, wafers or tubes from Poděbrady Resisting the combination of vanilla, sugar and cinnamon, for example with spa triangles, is not easy at all. The line is discreetly space and is matched by its perfect triple combination. It evokes the desire to taste the spa triangles, not to stop and to continue. It's like the sweetness of a caress, a breath of happiness, a promise ...